Gold Protection Plan

Does your heater or air conditioner sound more like a jet engine? How about your energy bills, getting sky-high? A Gold Protection Plan can help fix these problems before they happen. With this program, our NATE-certified technicians will fix these components Day or night, 24/7/365. We can schedule and perform maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner before peak energy usage seasons, to help keep you cool all summer and warm all winter. Pre-scheduling an HVAC maintenance tune-up simply saves you money and energy when you need it.


The Gold Protection Plan ensures you’re protected against:

  • Expensive repair bills; service coverage for many heating and cooling components.
  • Rising energy costs through energy reducing Precision Tune-Ups performed by NATE-certified professional technicians.

You could save thousands of dollars with a Gold Protection Plan. Schedule now, or call us right now to get your Gold Protection Plan today! We’ll need to run a standard Performance Inspection as part of the Plan’s evaluation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have our Gold Maintenance Agreement?

Our Gold Maintenance Agreement not only includes all the benefits of our valuable Performance Inspection and Precision Tune-Ups, it has other cool features like the kind described below. These advantages distinguish this agreement as something exceptional.

  • Instant 10% discount on furnace and air conditioner parts and repair services and qualifying air quality products and services! You save money automatically, every day.
  • A Lifetime Thermostat Warranty. If your thermostat ever goes out, we’ll replace it for FREE.
  • Valuable customer-only coupons and offers.
  • Priority Service means when you call, your needs come first, no matter how busy we are.
  • Perpetual Payment. No need to renew or resign all the time.
  • Flexible Scheduling. Schedule service at convenient times 7am to 7pm. Your convenience comes first.
  • Biocide Evaporator Pan Treatment FREE with each Precision Tune-Up visit! Reduce the likelihood of algae and other fungus in the cooling equipment’s drain pan.

So call us at 610-750-8314 to enroll today, or simply schedule an appointment online.

How do I purchase Gold Protection?

Schedule an appointment with Ultimate Comfort and let us know you are interested in the ‘Gold Protection Service’. A technician will perform a complimentary System Inspection. The home comfort system must pass the inspection to qualify for Platinum coverage.

What types of HVAC equipment is covered under the Gold Protection Plan?

  • Heating – natural gas, oil or propane furnaces and boilers, and air handlers.
  • Cooling/Heat Pumps – electric powered central air conditioning or heat pumps.

What additional services will I receive?

Two annual Precision Tune-ups for each piece of covered equipment are included, FREE lifetime thermostat warranty, as well as all the discounts and additional benefits of a Gold Maintenance Agreement.

How do I renew the Plan?

The Plan auto-renews unless a written termination request is received by Ultimate Comfort Heating & Cooling.

Is the plan transferable?

The Plan can be transferred to the home’s new owner. The plan does not automatically transfer to the former owner’s new home. In this case, a new Plan can be purchased upon completion of a System Inspection.

Is there anything not covered?

Indoor air quality accessories and ductless systems are not covered under the Plan. See the Plan Terms for additional exclusions and complete details.